The Author

HI, I’m Juliet, housewife, loving mother, thoughtful friend, a fearless leader, a kind sister, co-provider, web designer, writer, blogger, tour operator and a poet in my own right.

As part of the gift that God has bestowed on me, I am writing and composed poems. I started my poetry when I was 10 years old. Some of my poems were dedicated to God, my parents, my family, my teachers, my friends, my pets and to my dear land Philippines.

When I was in high school, composing poems becomes an obsession. I created meaning for my friend’s names, composed poems for their crush, their boyfriends and girlfriends and I let them use it to impress their dates. I didn’t know yet about those Intellectual Property Rights.

Now, I still compose poems but not as frequent as in my high school years. I just write as the thoughts come by but most of the time, it’s an out-pour of my innermost feelings especially when I’m in pain… this is my gateway to uncover myself from the frozen sheets I used to keep my body numb and dead… writing is like letting go and letting out of all the bad feelings so I would be able to move again. It’s like a natural therapy.

But I don’t just write to ease my pain. I also write when I am happy, so overwhelming that I cannot contain it anymore. Writing seems like an echo of my laughter and my tears when I’m in pain. I’m not a traditional or professional writer. I just write my own thoughts and experiences of my relatives and friends that they shared with me. I also write when I am moved by my friend’s troubles or inspired by the slightest smile of a child.

Most of the poems and articles that I had written here were derived from real experiences while I was taking the roads of life. Some expressed happiness, some expressed sorrows. I considered this area as my turning point, at times my healing balm. You may found yourself smiling as some may tickle your heart… and maybe as you go along, you may have to take a deep breath as if there is a lump in your throat… This may sound corny, but I know that somehow you also experience the same happiness or maybe the same pain or mistake.

Writing is my antidote during sleepless nights.

I hope that reading my writings would bring you into the doorstep of my soul and let you feel the serenity of my heart.


Published on October 29, 2008 at 4:57 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. Dragon Blogger here, this site is very clean, I like that you categorize your poems by separate URI’s, very clean to do it that way.

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